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Sonnenuntergang im Wald
Veronika Smolková

Veronika Smolková is a contemporary circus artist, actor and dancer based in Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated with a master `s degree from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU) - Department of Nonverbal Theatre. During her studies she spent one year at a circus school in Finland, where she improved both her techniques and pedagogical skills. 


Veronika is focused mostly on aerial and pair acrobatics. She combines contemporary circus with physical theatre and dance and is open to all interdisciplinary forms of art. Veronika is commited to bringing art into nature as she is constantly looking for the creative potential of each moment. 

Recently, Veronika became a member of the all-female contemporary circus group Cirkus TeTy (CZ), which explores alternative forms of aerial-acrobatic materials and draws on intimate themes. Furthermore, she cooperates with many other circus and theatre groups (FysioArt, Mime Studio etc.), she performs in musical Tarzan in Prague and she dvelops her own projects. 

In addition to her artistic career, Veronika works, among others, as a teacher of aerial and pair acrobatics in Cirqueon - Center for contemporary circus in Prague and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

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